Hazard Classification

Hazard classification (dam break) studies are being conducted for all regulated dams in the State in partnership with the Pacific Disaster Center and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

These studies use hydraulic modeling techniques to predict modes of possible dam failures due to extreme loading scenarios. The studies generate profiles of water level inundation in potentially affected downstream areas. Although they incorporate the best available data and methodologies, the results are still approximations. 

Final reports are submitted to the owners for their use in developing or updating Emergency Action Plans. Individual facility Emergency Action Plans are required by Hawaii State Law (§179D-30) to be prepared by the owner of each High Hazard Potential and Significant Hazard Potential dam. By law, Emergency Action Plans are to be provided to the Dam Safety Program as well as the State and County emergency management agencies. The emergency management agencies can then use these Emergency Action Plans to develop emergency response plans and evacuation routes. 

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