General Flood Control Plan

The Department of Land and Natural Resources developed the State General Flood Control Plan in September 1983 in order to coordinate floodplain management initiatives. The goal of the State General Flood Control Plan (SGFCP) is to assist the State in decision-making regarding flood hazards and prioritize areas to best focus limited resources. The last Statewide inventory of flood history and flood studies was performed in 1994. Therefore, an update of the SGFCP is necessary, and is authorized by Hawaii Revised Statutes Chapter 179.

The State General Flood Control Plan is currently being updated and will utilize digital database and website technologies to provide educational information and public awareness tools on flood risks, flood histories, hydrologic data, mitigation initiatives, a library for flood studies and post-flood reports, and other related information. The SGFCP update will also implement geospatial and internet technologies that will allow partner agencies to share, communicate, and utilize collected information.

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