PRiMO Conference Offers Coastal Risk Reduction Courses

Posted on Feb 20, 2014 in NFIP News, Uncategorized

The Pacific Risk Management Ohana (PRiMO) Conference is coming up in less than a month and there are a few courses that are Floodplain Managment related.  Attached are the flyers for the Coastal Flood Risk Reduction and Coastal Community Resilience Courses offered at the Conference.  For registration information, go to NOAA’s PRiMO website 

  • Coastal Flood Risk Reduction (PRiMO) – 

    A performance level course designed to provide an introduction to flood risk-reduction opportunities within coastal communities and island environments. Along with instructor-led discussion, the course will incorporate scenario-based group activities intended to develop the participant’s ability to employ coastal risk reduction and opportunity measures for coastal floodplain management.

  • Coastal Community Resilience (PRiMO) – 

    This four hour awareness level course will provide participants with an understanding of the concept of resilience as it applies to coastal communities with a focus on resilience as a unifying framework for community-based planning, preparedness, response and recovery. The course will emphasize target capabilities to enhance preparedness and response to natural disasters, including chronic, as well as extreme events affecting coastal communities. It will demonstrate how to integrate risk-based, community-based, and collaborative strategies into plans and programs.