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Hawaiʻi Administrative Rules
Title 13
Draft Rules/Public Notices

Administrative Rules are regulations established by the department through an extensive public review and hearing process. The procedure for administrative rules is set by Hawaii Revised Statutes Chapter 91. A proposed rule (or amendment) is drafted by the department, approved by the Board of Land and Natural Resources (BLNR) for public meetings/hearings, and reviewed by the Department of the Attorney General (AG). Then the draft is taken out to public meetings and/or hearings, where the public can give formal testimony on the draft rule. The rule is revised, if necessary, and then submitted to the Board of Land and Natural Resources for final approval. Then it is reviewed again by the AG, and after signing by the Governor and filing with the Lieutenant Governor, it has the effect of law.

The following administrative rules are provided for general informational purposes only. These are unofficial copies. Official copies may be obtained from the Division Offices and the Division of Conservation and Resources Enforcement offices state-wide. Copies of the rules are also available for viewing in State public libraries.

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Repeal of Chapter 13-190 and Adoption of Chapter 13-190.1
Hawaii Administrative Rules – Now Available (03/14/2012)


Draft Rules/PublicNotices
Water and Land Development: Rules on leasing and drilling of geothermal resources.
Water and Land Development: Designation and regulation of geothermal resource subzones.
Water and Land Development: Rules of practice and procedure for geothermal and cable system development permitting.
Water and Land Development: Dams and Reservoirs