June King Tides Photo Survey starts Friday!

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Join the team of citizen scientists in the Hawai’i and Pacific Islands King Tides Project and help us document the impacts of King Tides (the highest high tides of the year) across the Pacific region.

Visit the project website www.PacificIslandsKingTides.org for tide times at locations in the Hawaiian Islands (June 23-24), American Samoa (June 23-24), Majuro (Republic of the Marshall Islands) (June 25-26), and Guam (June 24-25).

You can also find detailed instructions on how to submit photographs and observations of King Tides using the project’s free SmartPhone App and publicly accessible dataset at the links below:

A special thanks to the many citizen scientists that photographed the May 2017 King Tides! Explore more than 1,300 photographs submitted by citizen scientists from across the Pacific region through the Hawai‘i and Pacific Islands King Tides Project dataset and the interactive online map.

Documenting these King Tides will be especially important as the Hawaiian Islands continue to experience sea levels that are averaging six inches on top of predicted tides. For more information please visit www.HawaiiSeaLevel.org.

Thank you for your participation!

Contact KingTide@hawaii.edu

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