2021 Hawaii Floodplain Management Virtual Training

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This training opportunity is FREE and made possible through FEMA RIX’s support. Although it may appear that some of these sessions are targeting community officials, they will also be useful to design professionals. Architects, engineers, and surveyors will learn how their SFHA development projects are reviewed for compliance and understand some of the common errors that are found identified during the permitting and inspection of these projects.

NFIP Basics

Wednesday, February 24—9am HST—90 mins
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Session will cover basics of the National Flood Insurance Program and Hawaii’s participation therein, including terminology, roles and responsibilities, and valu-able resources for local officials and stakeholders in floodplain development.

Elevation Certificate Basics

Thursday, February 25—9am HST—2.5 hours
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Section-by-section basics of the FEMA Elevation Certificate form, including building diagram selection, lowest floor, and common errors.

Permitting Floodplain Development

Wednesday, March 3—9am HST—90 mins
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Eight basic steps to reviewing development in the Special Flood Hazard Area.

Inspecting Floodplain Development

Wednesday, March 3—1pm HST—90 mins
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Special considerations for plan reviewers and building code officials when evaluating and inspecting development inside the SFHA, minimum construction standards (from the I-Codes), and conducting inspections.

Reviewing an Elevation Certificate

Thursday, March 4—9am HST—2.5 hours
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Intermediate-level training on how to review ECs submitted during the development process. Common errors, attachments, how to make corrections.

Tools for Determining BFE, LOMA Basics, FEMA Map Service Center

Wednesday, March 10—9am HST—2.5 hours
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How to Review a No-Rise Analysis

Thursday, March 11—9am HST—1 hour
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Construction Certificate Submittal Requirements

Thursday, March 11—11am HST—1 hour
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Learn the types of supporting documents that must accompany certain flood-plain development construction certificates, such as V-zone breakaway walls, engineered flood openings, floodproofing and EC certificates.

Class sizes are limited 50 participants, please register early to reserve your spot!

Continuing Education Credit available for ASFPM CFMs

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